henrique reinach

Born in São Paulo in 1957, studied at Colégio Santa Cruz until 1975, where he met Mauricio. He attended FAU-USP, graduating in 1980. His first job as an architect was for the Municipal Housing Department of São Paulo, where he developed social housing projects – self-help community constructions. He partook in some conferences in Brazil and abroad, having some relevant works published. In 1987, he created, along with Mauricio, his own architectural firm.

maurício mendonça

Born in 1957 in Lucélia, São Paulo, he came to study in the capital in 1973. His friendship with Henrique began at Colégio Santa Cruz. He studied at the Architecture and Urbanism College of São Paulo University (FAU-USP), attending courses from 1976 to 1980. He then began his professional life as a self-employed architect, developing, at the same time, some major architectural projects, associated with EngeW, an engineering company he worked for in that period. In 1987, he created, along with Henrique, his own architectural firm.